Joe Biden Used Aliases To Correspond With Hunter’s Business Partners 327 Times

House investigators have confirmed that then-Vice President Joe Biden used multiple email pseudonyms to correspond with Hunter Biden’s business partners at least 327 times, shattering his claims that he had no knowledge or involvement in his family’s business schemes.

In the 56 pages of evidence released on Tuesday, the House Ways and Means Committee revealed 327 emails “showing Joe Biden’s correspondence – via email aliases – with a key Hunter Biden business associate” from 2010-2019. However, House Republicans are unable to see the contents of the emails without a search warrant.

According to the Ways and Means Committee, 38 of the newly unearthed emails are “from the White House to a Joe Biden alias with a copy to Hunter Biden,” while 58 of the emails are “exclusively” between Joe Biden and Hunter’s business associate, Eric Schwerin — who is known as the “architect” of the Biden family’s myriad of shell companies. Schwerin visited the Obama White House and “other official venues” while Joe Biden was vice president at least 27 times, visitor logs show.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO) detailed the new evidence in a post thread on X, formerly known as Twitter, which began with a video clip of Joe Biden repeatedly denying any involvement in his family’s business.

He went on to cite Biden’s various pseudonyms from his vice presidency, “Robin Ware, JRB Ware, and Robert L. Peters.”

“Surprisingly, these documents show 38 examples of the White House emailing a Joe Biden alias and copying Hunter Biden’s business email account,” Smith wrote.

“Not all of Joe Biden’s alias emails were with Hunter. Many were one-on-one with Hunter’s business partner, Eric Schwerin. The same partner who helped set up the Hunter Biden shell companies through which millions of dollars flowed from foreign countries,” he continued.

“As his business partner, Schwerin was involved in the Biden family affairs & even gave the White House talking points about Hunter Biden’s ties to Burisma. Suspiciously, this data shows 54 e-mails were exchanged solely between Schwerin and Vice President Biden,” Smith added in a follow-up post.

Smith went on to connect Joe Biden’s correspondence with Schwerin to his infamous trip to Ukraine, during which the then-vice president threatened to withhold one billion dollars in U.S. loan guarantees if the Ukrainian president did not fire a prosecutor who he claimed was corrupt — the same prosecutor who was investigating Burisma Holdings, the company where Hunter Biden sat on the board.

“E-mail activity between Schwerin and Vice President Biden spiked around Joe Biden’s taxpayer-funded trips to Ukraine,” Smith wrote, adding: “Biden’s June 2014 Ukraine trip is a case in point. He & Schwerin exchanged 5 emails in 3 days in the lead-up to a Ukraine trip. After the Vice President returned, he and Schwerin emailed 27 times in the run-up to the VP’s return trip to Ukraine that November.”

He then shared the infamous clip of Biden bragging about threatening to withhold the aid, noting in a follow-up post: “The firing of the prosecutor benefited Burisma, the same company that paid Hunter Biden millions that went into shell companies that benefited the Biden family. All the while, Hunter Biden apparently did not report or pay taxes on his Burisma income.”