Jan. 6 Protester Who Carried Confederate Flag Released

A measure of justice was finally served Tuesday when Kevin Seefried of Laurel, Delaware, was set to be released early for his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol demonstrations. His crimes consisted of little more than walking through the building holding a Confederate flag.

Judge Trevor McFadden ruled that Seefried may be set free from his incarceration while the Supreme Court takes up a case involving his specific charges.

He was sentenced to three years behind bars on a felony charge of obstruction of an official proceeding. This accompanied separate sentences of 12 months and six months on misdemeanor charges.

But the obstruction charge faced by Seefried is at the center of the case to be heard by the high court. Overzealous Biden prosecutors with the Department of Justice routinely added “obstruction of an official proceeding” against the defendants.

This was due to allegedly disrupting the certification of the Electoral College. The justices agreed to take up the matter, leading to several incarcerated Jan. 6 defendants filing for an early release.

Hundreds of these defendants may ultimately be affected by the Supreme Court’s decision.

McFadden ruled that Seefried is not a flight risk and is not a danger to the community. He further noted that his appeal “raises a substantial question” and is not merely a delaying tactic.

The judge noted that Jan. 6 was the “culmination of a unique — indeed, never-before seen — confluence of events.” He decided there was no evidence that such an event is likely to occur again or that Seefried would participate in it.

Biden’s DOJ argued that the defendant should remain behind bars during this election year.

Prosecutors alleged that 2024 could see a repeat of the issues that surrounded Jan. 6 in a new “political maelstrom.” But McFadden dismissed this speculation in his ruling.

Court documents alleged that Seefried was one of the first demonstrators to enter the Capitol, and images from the day distinctively captured him walking about with the rebel flag within the building.