J6 Political Prisoners Allegedly Tortured For Weeks

A maddening whine has allegedly been pumping through the Washington D.C. Correctional Treatment Facility for weeks — where January 6 political prisoners are detained, according to The Gateway Pundit.

Cellblock C3A, known as the “Patriot Pod” in the facility, is where J6 detainees are separated from the general population.

C3A defendants called the Pundit in the hopes of prodding Americans to demand oversight of the jail from U.S. Marshals and members of Congress.

J6ers have reportedly been tortured for bringing news of the corruption within the Bureau of Prisons System and the Department of Justice to the media, according to the Pundit.

In one example, two of the J6 defendants were ripped from their cells and transferred to the most hostile anti-Trump prisons. They were then prevented from outside communication.

J6 political prisoner Matthew Krol is one of several J6 defendants in the D.C. facility in a legal battle claiming he has been deprived of medical attention.

Krol has reportedly been living on a pacemaker for almost two years while incarcerated the jail. He described dying from a heart attack and “coming back” while waiting years for heart surgery.

After more than two weeks of unbearable loud noise blaring through C3A, Krol called out for help.

“We have another situation here in C3A,” Krol said. “For weeks, now throughout the day and many nights, there [are] sounds of construction going on.”

“The supervisors say there is no construction at night, yet the noise continues,” Kroll continued. “Inmates in the USA are supposed to get 8 1/2 hours of interrupted sleep a day, that does not happen here.”

A Pundit reporter visited the jail with an undercover camera last Tuesday. A disturbing sound — a high-pitched whine — that Krol claimed the inmates have lived with for weeks was audible in the lobby of the D.C. jail.


The high-pitched droning could prove unbearable to prisoners exposed to it hour after hour for weeks at a time.

Sleep deprivation is nothing new. It has been used to torture prisoners by oppressive government agencies worldwide, including the CIA.


BBC reporter Hilary Andersson found out what was like to be exposed to noise torture in the U.S. government called “enhanced interrogation.”

Using “enhanced interrogation” on known terrorist members of ISIS or Al-Qaeda is debatable. Using the techniques on American citizens who showed up at a protest that got out of hand is another. It is unacceptable.

If it is proven that the J6 prisoners were subject to torture, the responsible parties must be held responsible. If they are not, America is lost.