Increased Migrants Pushing Democrats To Bus To Red States

Democrats are beginning to bus the excess migrant population to red states. This move responds to the need for sanctuary city relief from the massive migrant surge population.

In September, Mayor Eric Adams (D-NY) announced he needed help funding the migrants flooding into New York City. He said it could be the end of his city without more funding.

The federal government responded without assistance while funding other countries, such as Ukraine, and left southern borders open. The flood of migrants has continued and is now flooding major sanctuary cities and locations.

With no federal funding and stripped financial and program benefit resources, some Democrats are considering an option they recently condemned Republicans for doing. Democrats have started bussing the migrant populations to red states and cities.

This move is to help filter out the migrants to other locations, give the cities a financial break, and break in other issues the migrants are contributing to. In a recent interview with “Face the Nation,” Illinois Democratic Gov. JB Pritzker discussed what the sanctuary areas need from President Joe Biden to help with the bussing.

“What we need is [President Joe Biden’s] help to decide where these folks are to go because they can’t all go to Chicago, New York, and D.C. — They need to go to places where there’s even more help to offer.”

The issue with Pritzker’s need and idea is that no cities are available with more help. Due to choices made by the Biden administration, the United States is in economic peril. Many states are already reaching the end of their budgets with no more funding on the way.

There are American citizens suffering, living in poverty, unable to afford rising food prices, and unable to afford basic things such as medication. Benefits programs, food banks, and shelters are all at capacity.

Bussing migrants to any area at this point will have adverse effects. This situation leaves Democrats in the same situation as their Republican counterparts. The migrant surge is not stopping, and an answer must come soon, and that answer appears to be a closed border.