Illinois Healthcare Subsidies For Illegal Migrants Far Exceed Budget

Illinois’ program to provide free healthcare benefits for illegal migrants at taxpayer expense hit a major snag. It became far too expensive and forced the state to dramatically scale back on free medical care.

The state will now pause the program as its price tag soared to a projected $831.6 million.

It was already modified beginning July 1 to provide health benefits only to those above 65 years of age. The new program parameters were supposed to limit the outlay to within a budget amount of $550 million. Co-pays and cost-sharing measures were included to keep expenses down.

Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced enrollment would be suspended if the Health Benefits for Seniors Program reached 16,500.

The administration would also implement a $100 co-pay for emergency room visits and a $250 co-pay if the individual was hospitalized. These measures to save costs have not been implemented.

One Republican Illinois lawmaker blasted the state program and said the days of taxpayers footing the bill should end.

State Sen. Chapin Rose (R) of Mahomet declared on Friday, “A billion dollars spent projected for migrants, and they only allocated $650 million of that $1.2 billion. Pritzker, he said, told taxpayers to “trust me, I’ll manage it.”

Rose said that trust ran out in September.

The state for years has covered undocumented low-income children under its All Kids program. But in 2020 it began covering illegal migrants above 65 before expanding the program to age 42 and older.

The recipients are not eligible for federal Medicaid benefits and must be low-income to receive healthcare from Illinois. Immigration advocates wanted all illegal adults covered under the program, but now the opposite trend is in effect.

Over 18,000 illegal migrants have arrived in Illinois in the last 13 months, demonstrating yet again the devastating economic effects of Biden’s open border policies.

Healthy Illinois is a left-wing program that promotes “free” healthcare for illegals. The group released a statement telling the migrants that they should continue to enroll despite the state’s planned suspension of the program.

They called the announcement a “disappointing step backward.” Healthy Illinois criticized the desperate move as diminishing medical care for “elderly residents.”