Illegal Immigrants Trashing New York City Neighborhood

With an increasing number of illegal immigrants arriving in New York City because of President Joe Biden’s lax border policies, officials in the Big Apple recently complained about the foul smell and trash left outside the East Village.

For several months, illegal immigrants have found temporary shelter outside the former St. Brigid’s School on East 7th Street in New York City, according to the New York Post.

Given the ever-increasing number of unlawful migrants in the Big Apple, workers with the city’s Parks Departments forcibly removed three port-a-potties from the area because of the foul smell and trash inside of them.

One city official, Josh Cashvan, told the New York Post, “There was a cup of what I thought was somebody’s discarded hot chocolate that turned out to be not hot chocolate.”

On X, formerly known as Twitter, the New York Post shared an image of one of the overflowing port-a-potties in the area.

In response to the outlet’s post, several X users mocked New York City’s “sanctuary” status.

“Those sanctuary cities sure are vibrant,” one user wrote.

“That’s nasty. Welcome to NYC,” another said.

Residents in and around St. Brigid’s school claimed they have seen cups of urine across the area and “human-sized” excrement near trees and between parked vehicles. One man said the unlawful migrants have been leaving cups of urine on doorsteps.

Since the summer of 2022, New York City has taken in over 150,000 illegal immigrants, causing “the erosion of the quality of life” for residents of the Big Apple, according to New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D).

“We’re seeing the erosion of the quality of life that we’ve improved on in such a short period of time of this administration,” Adams said in December 2023.

Despite stressing the negative effect illegal immigration has on New York City residents, Adams recently claimed that his administration has “done a great job” handling the issue, adding that it “has nothing to do with sanctuary cities.”

“This has nothing to do with sanctuary cities. Migrants and asylum seekers are paroled into the [country]. They’re here legally. And so, when you have a national leader talking about [being a] sanctuary city is the reason we’re having this, it’s telling me she’s not knowledgeable on the real topic,” Adams said during a recent appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”