IDF Recovers Three More Bodies Of October 7 Hostages

Israeli forces have made a significant breakthrough in the ongoing efforts to retrieve hostages held in Gaza, as they announced the recovery of three more bodies. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) disclosed that the bodies of Hanan Yablonka, Michel Nisenbaum, and Orion Hernandez were retrieved during a joint operation with the Israel Security Agency (ISA) in northern Gaza.

According to official statements, the hostages were victims of the October 7th Massacre, allegedly murdered by Hamas terrorists after being abducted from the Mefalsim Intersection to Gaza. The successful operation to recover their bodies, conducted overnight in Jabaliya, was based on meticulously analyzed intelligence gathered by the IDF Intelligence Directorate’s Headquarters for Hostages and Missing Persons in collaboration with the ISA.

The recovery operation was not without its challenges, as intense combat ensued in the area during the initial stages. Following the retrieval, medical officials at the Israeli National Forensic Institute and the Israel Police conducted identification procedures before notifying the families of the victims. The IDF and ISA expressed their condolences to the families and urged the public to rely on official announcements rather than spreading unfounded rumors or misinformation.

Among the recovered hostages was Orion Hernandez, a Mexican-French national and the partner of Shani Louk, one of the hostages whose body was found in Jabaliya the previous week. Hernandez, along with Yablonka, Nisenbaum, and others, had attended the Supernova music festival near Re’im before falling into the hands of Hamas militants.

The recovery of these bodies brings hope to families still awaiting news of their loved ones’ fate. However, with approximately 125 Israeli hostages still believed to be held in Gaza, the struggle is far from over. Israel remains committed to its mission of dismantling Hamas and securing the safe return of all hostages, underscoring the gravity of the situation in the region.

“The IDF and ISA continue, even at this time, to deploy all operational and intelligence means in order to accomplish the supreme national task of bringing back all the hostages,” the statement concluded.