Gutfeld Backs Carlson And Musk Against Fox Censorship

In a stunning on-air moment during Friday night’s broadcast of “Gutfeld!,” Fox News host Greg Gutfeld openly criticized his network. He took a stance defending and championing the free speech commitments of former Fox all-star Tucker Carlson and media billionaire Elon Musk. Gutfeld directly referenced what he described as a pervasive “censorship industrial complex.”

As he was describing the weakness of Fox and other media outlets against the relentless pressures of “woke” ideology and government influence, Gutfeld pointedly said: “If you don’t believe me, I have two words for you: Tucker Carlson.”

In addition to Carlson, Musk has emerged over the last year as a critical figure in the fight for free speech. His focus on the value of open discussion and free expression has intensified since he acquired the X platform, formerly Twitter, for $44 billion in cash last year.

Musk described the condition of Twitter when he acquired the company by saying: “The degree to which Twitter was simply an arm of the government was not well understood by the public. A state publication is the way to think of all Twitter was, a state publication. Republicans were suppressed at ten times the rate of Democrats.”

Gutfeld wrote about Musk’s takeover of Twitter in an opinion piece for Fox News Digital last month, stating, “Elon Musk paid $44 billion and turned Twitter to X and explained why he did it on Joe Rogan. Censorship isn’t a byproduct of leftism, it is leftism.”

Gutfeld has expressed full support for Musk’s mission with the X platform without reservation. He said that the purchase of Twitter by a single individual “might be the biggest financial sacrifice anyone ever did on behalf of a country.”

As Gutfeld continues to maintain unyielding support for Carlson and Musk in the fight for freedom of expression, he risks alienating his corporate bosses. After all, the speculation about Carlson’s termination by Fox has centered on whether the country’s top cable news host offended the company’s power structure through his personal positions on political issues and free speech rights.

Commentators have said several factors, including pressure from advertisers and political groups, potentially influenced Fox’s decision to pull Carlson off the air. Even if the network was making a simple business decision from its point of view, transparency would give viewers some confidence in the viability of the news and opinions the network now broadcasts.

For his part, Gutfeld is taking a stand for independence and free thought.