Good Samaritan Rescues Driver From Sinking Car In Arizona Lake

In Glendale, Arizona, a driver narrowly escaped a potentially fatal situation thanks to the swift actions of a nearby good Samaritan. On June 13, a 66-year-old man was forced to swerve off the road to avoid a collision, resulting in his car plunging into a man-made lake near the intersection of 59th Avenue and Behrend Drive.

Amy Magsamen, a former lifeguard, happened to be driving nearby when the accident occurred. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, she immediately sprang into action. Magsamen’s training kicked in as she assessed the scene and determined the best course of action to save the sinking driver.

Recalling the event in an interview with the Glendale Police, Magsamen shared her thought process: “I had that lifeguard training. I know you don’t dive into water that’s unknown.” Despite the inherent danger, she knew that time was critical. “The scary part was, the car was going down. It was sinking.”

Magsamen quickly devised a plan to keep the driver calm and ensure a successful rescue. “Keep your eyes on the victim, try to get her to stay calm. If she doesn’t, here’s what I’m gonna do. If the car goes down, here’s what I’m gonna do. So it seemed logical.”

Her decisive actions and calm demeanor ultimately led to the successful rescue of the driver, who was brought to safety before the car fully submerged. The Glendale Police Department later shared footage from government cameras capturing Magsamen’s heroic efforts.

This incident serves as a reminder of the impact that everyday heroes can have. Amidst the negative news that often dominates headlines, stories like this highlight the good in people and the importance of being prepared to help others in times of need.

As Magsamen’s experience shows, quick thinking and a willingness to act can make all the difference in an emergency. Her bravery and training were crucial in preventing a potential tragedy, and her story inspires others to be ready to lend a hand when it matters most.