France Mobilizes 7,000 Troops After ‘Barbaric Islamist Terrorism’

As France has allowed a massive influx of unvetted illegal aliens from the Middle East to cross their wide-open border for some time now, the country is now dealing with the consequences — with French President Emmanuel Macron mobilizing up to 7,000 soldiers to increase security following what he described as “barbaric Islamist terrorism.”

Last week, following the deadly terrorist attack in Israel, Hamas called for a “Day of Rage” around the world — leading to a stabbing at a French high school where the suspect allegedly shouted “Allahu akbar” during the incident.

The suspect has been identified as Mohammed Mogouchkov, who is in his 20s and is known to authorities as a security risk. Mogouchkov, a former student, allegedly went on a stabbing spree at Gambetta High School in Arras, France — killing one teacher and injuring two staff members.

In a Saturday statement, the French government revealed that Macron had ordered “up to 7,000 soldiers from the Sentinelle force, who will be deployed between now and Monday evening and until further notice.”

According to ABC News, Macron had the ability to mobilize the military to protect public spaces after France increased its security posture to an “emergency attack level” in response to the stabbing.

Mogouchkov and several others have been arrested in connection with the stabbing. Some reports indicate that the stabbing was the result of a failure of law enforcement, as Mogouchkov was under “active monitoring” and was stopped and searched as recently as last week, Euronews reported.

The suspect was released after being searched because there was no evidence that he was planning an attack, according to a statement from French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin.

Counterterrorism authorities are reportedly conducting an investigation into the incident. Meanwhile, Macron has called for France to “stand together” against “Islamic terrorism” in the aftermath of the stabbing.

“The choice is made not to give in to terror, not to let anything divide us,” the French president said in a speech.

France has also banned pro-Palestinian protests in response to calls for a “Day of Rage” — though hundreds of demonstrators still gathered on the same day the ban was issued in defiance of the government’s actions.

“Pro-Palestinian demonstrations must be prohibited because they are likely to generate disturbances to the public order,” Darmanin wrote in a statement, adding that foreigners who commit antisemitic acts would be “immediately expelled.”