Former Soldier Claims COVID Vaccine Caused Debilitating Heart Condition, Army Memo Supports Claim

A former U.S. Army soldier, Karoline Stancik, alleges that a mandated COVID-19 vaccine caused her debilitating heart condition, leading to the end of her military career. Stancik, who served in the Army National Guard, developed postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) after receiving the vaccine, according to an Army memo.

Stancik, 24, was released from active duty in 2022 due to her medical condition. She told investigative reporter Catherine Herridge that she had no prior heart issues before receiving the vaccine, which the Department of Defense mandated in 2021. “The only thing that would have changed was the COVID vaccine, and that’s when everything flipped upside down for me,” she stated.

After her first vaccine dose, Stancik experienced symptoms such as coughing, chest pain, sinus pressure, and headaches. The second dose worsened her condition, causing difficulty breathing, an increased heart rate, and neuropathic pain. “It felt like [a] burning sensation throughout my whole body,” she recalled, also describing severe chest pain.

Despite her condition, Stancik lost her medical benefits and salary when she was discharged. She struggled to find adequate medical care, which led her to contemplate suicide. “I was neglected, and the medical care that I needed to get was not happening,” she said.

USJAG Veterans Advocate Jeremy Sorenson criticized the military’s treatment of Stancik, stating she was “discarded as trash.” After accumulating $70,000 in medical debt, Stancik’s benefits were restored in October 2023 when the Army acknowledged her condition was incurred in the line of duty.

Sorenson argued that the break in benefits was a cost-cutting measure by the Department of Defense. “They have the money,” he said. “They choose to spend the money on other things.”

The vaccine mandate, which was reversed in January 2023, has faced criticism for potentially harming servicemembers. Stancik maintains that her story is not propaganda but a personal account of her health struggles. She recently underwent emergency surgery for a pacemaker due to her heart issues.

“This happened on their watch,” commented NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo, emphasizing the need for accountability from the DoD and Army. Former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn called for an immediate and honest response from the U.S. Army and DoD regarding Stancik’s case.