Former NBC Executive Targets Barron Trump For Turning 18

In yet another creepy display of mindless hatred and obsession from people on the left, former NBC senior executive Mike Sington posted on X Wednesday targeting Donald Trump’s youngest son, Barron, on the occasion of his birthday.

“Barron Trump turns 18 today. He’s fair game now,” he posted, with a photo of the tall, young Barron standing near his father.

The post instantly went viral and elicited baffled and disgusted reactions from people everywhere.

After receiving innumerable scathing comments, Sington deleted the post and attempted to justify it without apologizing.

“I posted he was ‘fair game’ now, meaning, as an adult, he’s ‘fair game’ for criticism from the press,” he said. “Someone pointed out to me ‘fair game’ could mean fair game to be harmed. I don’t wish physical harm on anyone, so I took it down. I listen to the comments and criticism I receive.”

Clearly, though, Sington still thinks Barron is now “fair game,” even if he’s not indicating physical harm.

The incident exposes the hatefulness of people on the left. Barron Trump’s only “sin” is that he is the son of Donald Trump. He is a teenager and has never done anything to deserve being attacked by lunatics on the left. In fact, through most of his life he has stayed out of the public eye, thanks to the protection of his mother, Melania Trump.

The same political left that virtue signals with cringe catch phrases like “love is love” and “love wins” apparently loves to go after people just for being the children of someone they hate. It is tribal mentality at its worst.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Barron has been targeted. When news broke of his horrified reaction to the staged picture of Kathy Griffin holding a mock-severed head of his father, leftists laughed and jeered with demented glee. Even “Jeopardy!” host Ken Jennings mocked maliciously, saying in a tweet, “Barron Trump saw a very long necktie on a heap of expired deli meat in a dumpster. He thought it was his dad & his little heart is breaking.”

Of course, celebrities and famous people feel empowered to say heartless and cruel things towards conservatives because they know they are protected by a powerful left-wing media. However, with the rise of free-speech platform X and independent journalism, conservatives and people of decency are finally breaking free of censorship and expressing their outrage.

Barron Trump is now a young man of 18. His embattled father is in a fight not only for the presidency, but for the future of the nation. Trump’s family stands behind him, and millions of supporters stand behind Barron. Regardless of the haters, Barron has a bright future ahead of him and should hold his head high.