‘Everybody Makes Mistakes’: Texas Teen Admits Sucker-Punching Strangers

Yet another member of the “pay attention to me” generation is in hot water, and this time it’s for punching random strangers in the back of the head at a public park in Houston.

Texas teenager Alford Lewis, 19, was caught on video walking along a public park trail and attacking at least two people. His victims were simply out enjoying a fall afternoon when they were sucker-punched by their alleged assailant.

The videos, of course, were shared on social media to garner “likes.”

Lewis was identified after the images were shared on the neighborhood watch app Nextdoor. He reportedly confessed to the violent attacks when confronted at his home by KHOU 11.

He responded when asked, “You know, I just made a mistake and everybody makes mistakes.” Lewis said he struck innocent strangers to accumulate views and reactions on YouTube and TikTok before admitting, “I really didn’t expect for it to go so left, you know.”

Unbelievably, Lewis said the now-viral videos only depict the “bad part” of his attacks. “What people don’t see is that I shook his hand after and gave the man a hug.”

As if that made anything better or excused violent behavior.

He said his parents were disappointed when they became aware of the videos before he offered advice to others. “Before you go out and do anything you feel is bad, or that could look bad, make sure, like, people know — or just don’t do it at all.”

The Sheriff’s Department Violent Crimes Division reported it is investigating the video, but no charges have been announced.

One area resident told the TV station that he walks in the same park four days a week. “It’s a nice quiet neighborhood, so I’m a little bit surprised someone’s that brazen to come up and hit someone without warning or without reason.”

Many critics worry that young people are turning to increasingly risky and even violent behavior as they seek social media fame. The cost of views and likes is increasing as it takes more to shock platform users.

All that remains to be seen in the Houston case is if prosecutors will step up and charge the attention seeker. That is the only way to send the message that violent attacks — for whatever reason — will not be tolerated.