Eric Adams Cited ‘Safety Concerns’ To Nix Border Visit

Embattled Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Saturday canceled a planned trip to the nation’s southern border over “safety concerns.” His itinerary included a visit to the Mexican border and into the country after an invitation from Catholic Charities.

Adams’ spokeswoman said Saturday that the excursion was to coincide with the end of Lent. The mayor was expected to focus on NYC’s efforts to assist the flood of illegal migrants and coordination with other cities.

But that plan changed. “Due to safety concerns at one of the cities we were going to visit in Mexico flagged by the U.S. Department of State, we have decided to pause this visit at this time.”

It was not immediately disclosed which planned destination led to the trip’s cancellation. And it’s hardly the first instance of the Adams administration calling off a pilgrimage during the ongoing migrant crisis.

In November, a visit to sit with White House officials was abruptly canceled when Adams learned that his chief fundraiser’s home was the target of an FBI raid. This action was linked to an investigation into his 2021 campaign for mayor.

Adams traveled to the southern border in January where he called for “clear coordination” of the movement of illegal migrants within the U.S.

But the most recent scheduled trip will have to wait. Of course, he has much more pressing issues at home where tens of thousands of illegal aliens, including many committing violent acts, are clogging the city’s shelter system.

By official estimates there have been over 184,000 new illegal migrants flooding NYC since the spring of 2022. The ill-advised “sanctuary” status adopted by Adams’ predecessors rolled out the red carpet for the invasion with scant few preparations in place.

This left thousands on the streets even as the city attempted to implement its right to shelter laws. But Adams soon warned that the flood of illegals would “destroy” his constituency.

He repeatedly called on the Biden White House to intervene in a crisis he cared little about when it was hundreds of miles away. But the Democratic president turned away his overtures, alternately claiming there was no crisis before blaming Republicans for creating it.

New York City indeed faces a crisis, and it is one of its own making. Being a “sanctuary” city was only wordplay until a short time ago, but now Adams and his fellow liberals are dealing with the real world consequences of their left-wing policies.