Elon Musk: Leftist NewsGuard Is A ‘Scam’

Elon Musk has publicly denounced the media ratings company NewsGuard as a “scam” and called for its immediate dissolution. His comments came in response to posts on his social media site X, formerly known as Twitter, that detailed NewsGuard’s partnership with the European Union to develop disinformation codes. These codes could lead to alternative news sites being fined or banned in EU countries.

NewsGuard, a for-profit organization, claims to combat misinformation by providing “transparent tools” that include “trust ratings” for over 35,000 news and information sources. The company has partnerships with the U.S. State Department, Defense Department, and World Health Organization to combat what it labels as COVID-19 misinformation.

However, many have criticized NewsGuard for its apparent bias against conservative views. The company has been accused of censoring media companies that do not comply with its narrative, damaging their reputations and causing financial loss. Prominent conservative figures and organizations, including PragerU and talk-show host Dave Rubin, have spoken out against NewsGuard’s treatment of their platforms.

Critics have also pointed out that NewsGuard’s ratings system appears to be skewed in favor of liberal news outlets. A study by the Media Research Center found that liberal news sites received higher average scores than conservative sites. This bias was evident even in cases where liberal outlets failed to correct disproven stories, such as BuzzFeed’s presentation of the Steele Dossier.

Despite its claim of being an alternative to government censorship, NewsGuard has been described by its critics as a tool for controlling the narrative and suppressing dissenting voices. The company’s founders and advisors, including former CIA director Michael Hayden, have been criticized for their involvement in questionable practices, such as the Stellar Wind operation conducted by the NSA in the aftermath of 9/11.

In response to the criticisms, NewsGuard General Manager Matt Skibinski has defended the company’s rating system, claiming that it is apolitical and that both right-wing and left-wing sources receive high and low trust scores, respectively. However, this claim has been contradicted by the experiences of conservative media figures and organizations, as well as by the findings of the Media Research Center.

Musk’s call for NewsGuard’s disbandment reflects a growing concern about the role of media ratings companies in shaping public opinion and suppressing alternative viewpoints. As someone known for his support of free speech and open dialogue, Musk’s denunciation of NewsGuard highlights the need for a transparent and unbiased approach to media ratings. With the ever-increasing polarization of the media landscape, it is essential that organizations like NewsGuard are held accountable for their actions and that their rating systems are scrutinized to ensure fairness and impartiality.