DiAngelo Would Destroy Sistine Chapel On Altar of Wokeness

Race baiting author Robin DiAngelo sees the iconic Sistine Chapel as a symbol of White supremacy. But in a remarkable demonstration of ignorance, she believed the hand of God in creation is reaching out for David — not Adam.

Never mind that the Sistine Chapel is home to perhaps the most important art in Western civilization. For DiAngelo’s quest to end “White supremacy and patriarchy” to be successful, the ceiling must come crashing down.

She specifically referenced Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” masterpiece, which was finished circa 1511. It is part of a procession of paintings that adorn the historic church at the Vatican.

The writer spoke of the Renaissance artwork on a recent episode of the “Not Your Ordinary Parts” podcast.

Obviously confused, DiAngelo told the host that she frequently uses the Sistine Chapel to display racism. “God creating man, you know, where God is in a cloud and there are all these angels and he’s reaching out and he’s touching, I don’t know who that is, David or something.”

The author of “White Fragility” noted that God, “David” and the angels are all White, “the perfect convergence of White supremacy, patriarchy, right?”

Her 2018 book predated the violent George Floyd riots of 2020 and set the “all White people are racist” carnival in motion. This scam is quite profitable for DiAngelo, who charges $20,000 to teach a seminar on “anti-racism” and as much as $15,000 for just a few hours of her expertise.

What she brushed aside through ignorance or worse is the simple truth that Michelangelo was a man of his era. He painted subjects as he saw people around him, no differently than other artists in far-flung locales would depict the native population in their work.

DiAngelo did not bother to afford the Renaissance master the benefit of the doubt for his depiction of the story of Genesis.

And incredibly, she did not even attempt to identify the subject of the painting as Adam and not King David. None of this mattered in her headlong rush to smear iconic Western art as the product of “White supremacy.”

The left does not seek to eradicate racism. It wants nothing less than the destruction of Western culture.