DeSantis Aids Israel, Criticizes Biden’s Gaza Plan

This week, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) showcased his commitment to supporting America’s traditional ally, Israel, amid the aftermath of a devastating attack by Hamas on October 7. The attack killed more than 1,300 Israeli civilians and 30 Americans, leaving others from various nations traumatized.

DeSantis said, “With the lack of leadership in Washington, we are stepping up to help our allies in Israel who need supplies and our support.” He demonstrated this by dispatching two cargo planes from Florida, loaded with essential supplies, to assist Israel. Among the items sent were 735 bandages, nearly 5,000 hospital gowns, 57 ventilators, over 30,000 syringes, and myriad other crucial healthcare items.

This humanitarian effort followed another decisive move by DeSantis when he played a pivotal role in securing a flight to Tampa International Airport. This flight ensured the safe return of 270 Americans stranded in Israel due to the abrupt onset of hostilities. “As we continue to bring back Americans who were stranded in Israel when the war began, we will also keep sending the necessary health care supplies for Israel to care for those who have been injured,” the Governor reiterated.

However, while DeSantis has been proactive in providing tangible aid to Israel and ensuring the return of stranded Americans, he criticized the Biden administration’s approach severely. DeSantis pointed out the administration’s inclination to develop a Gaza aid plan in collaboration with Israel. He cautioned, “Innocent Americans and Israelis are being held hostage by Hamas terrorists, yet Biden is more focused on sending ‘humanitarian aid’ to Gaza that will be commandeered by Hamas terrorists.”

DeSantis’s concerns aren’t isolated. There’s a broader sentiment among conservative circles questioning the wisdom of pouring aid into Gaza. They fear such help might inadvertently bolster Hamas, an organization known to have previously commandeered aid. “Palestinian leadership is already bankrolling Hamas’ atrocities against Israel and Biden wants to send aid into Gaza that will further support terrorist activity,” DeSantis added.

The Biden administration has been scrutinized for what some deem as slow action following the Hamas attack. Republicans argue that the President hasn’t done enough to secure the release of American hostages in Israel or assist Americans stranded there.

Fox News Digital highlighted that the Biden administration has channeled hundreds of millions of dollars, including COVID relief funds, to a UN agency previously accused of collaborating with Hamas terrorists. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) shared this sentiment, stating, “Humanitarian aid repeatedly ends up in the hands of Hamas terrorists who use it to build rockets & kill more Israelis. We should immediately halt U.S. aid for the Palestinians.”

In these trying times, while the debate over the best course of action continues, Florida’s initiative under Governor DeSantis provides a beacon of hope for many. Through swift action and clarity of purpose, DeSantis has displayed a commitment to standing by allies and American citizens overseas.