Democrats Fundraising To Bail Out Illegal Migrants

Democrats not only praise and preach open borders, now their fundraising platform ActBlue is raising donations to bail out illegal migrants. Specifically, the Black Immigrants Bail Fund looks to secure the release into the country of illegal migrants from Africa and elsewhere.

The group’s donation page declares its intent to eradicate “the mass incarceration of Black immigrants and level the playing field of equity in due process, transforming one life at a time.”

It is currently targeting the release of 111 illegal migrants from Mauritania, a northwest African nation.

The page claimed the effort will continue “until EVERY Black immigrant in ICE detention is FREE. We will not let any Black immigrant’s freedom hinge on their wealth because we believe Black Lives Matter no matter where they were born.”

It is up to immigration judges to decide whether to allow illegal immigrants to bond out of custody. The judge is supposed to determine the threat to the public and if the detainee is considered a flight risk.

ActBlue was founded in 2004 to funnel money to Democratic causes. The platform’s organizers say it has received billions in donations that prop up individual candidates, liberal organizations, and nonprofits.

Now it is directly supporting the freeing of illegal immigrants inside the nation’s borders.

The current crisis, of course, was spawned by the Biden administration’s utter indifference to border security. Thanks to lax security and the reversal of Trump-era policies that worked, millions of unvetted illegals have flooded into the U.S.

But the American people are not fooled, and Biden’s handlers are worried that there will be a sharp reprisal in next year’s election.

Actions that were once strictly off-limits are now back on the table as public anger rises against the unchecked invasion.

The situation has become so dire that the White House recently announced it will resume construction of parts of Trump’s successful border wall. This is due to the dramatic surge since the summer months in asylum seekers crossing the southern border from Texas to California.

And they are mainly military-aged males coming from far-flung corners of the globe. Democrats apparently have nothing better to do than work to unleash them onto the population.