Democrat Mayor Doubles Down On Fighting Biden’s Border Crisis

If New Yorkers want the city to do something about the local migrant crisis, they’re going to have to press the White House for help.

On Tuesday, New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams said at a press conference that it was the Biden administration’s duty to solve the problem New York is facing since its actions caused it in the first place.

“I’m saying to New Yorkers, ‘You’re angry and I’m angry, and the source of our discontent lies in D.C.’ And we need to mobilize and rally and go to D.C. and say to the national government, ‘This is not fair what’s happening to New York City,'” he said at the press conference.

Over the weekend, Adams announced that “extremely painful” cuts would have to be made to the city’s budget as it tries to deal with the migrant crisis, especially since the federal government isn’t sending any financial help.

At a speech he gave in front of residents of the city, Adams said the budget gap totals about $7 billion. That is likely to result in city agencies having to reduce spending by 5% two additional times in the coming months.

“That will mean disruptions to the services you all rely on,” he said.

The New York Times reported that some of those cuts include reducing the budget of the Education Department by $1 billion over the next two years, and reducing the number of officers at the city’s police department to less than 30,000 — the first time it would reach that level in almost 40 years.

Yet, Adams — whose polling numbers have dropped dramatically since making these announcements — isn’t taking any responsibility for the problem.

Instead, he’s passing that buck to the Biden administration. Adams continually emphasized to residents that he has no power to stop migrants from coming to the city, as that power lies only with the White House.

Just three months ago, he went as far as to say that the Biden administration’s immigration policies “will destroy New York City.”

The federal government has Adams in its sights, too, as he’s the subject of an FBI investigation into how his mayoral campaign raised money.