Defiant Trump Supporters Claim Guilty Verdict Will Boost His 2024 Chances

Despite former President Donald Trump’s Democrat-orchestrated conviction in New York, his ardent supporters across the nation remain confident that the verdict will only serve to strengthen his bid for the White House in 2024.

A recent ABC News-Ipsos poll found that 80% of Trump’s supporters would continue to back him even if he were convicted of a felony in the hush money case. Only 16% said they would reconsider their support, while a mere 4% would withdraw it entirely.

Trump’s defenders argue that the verdict is the result of a politically motivated “witch hunt” designed to undermine his candidacy. They claim that the judicial system has been weaponized against him and that the conviction will only serve to awaken and energize his base.

Some supporters who have never voted for or donated to Trump before are now pledging to do so in light of the verdict, seeing it as a call to action to defend the former president against what they perceive as an unjust persecution.

The Trump campaign has wasted no time in capitalizing on the ruling, launching fundraising efforts immediately after the verdict was announced. This unconventional approach suggests that the campaign believes the conviction will galvanize support rather than diminish it.

While it remains to be seen how the verdict will ultimately impact Trump’s electoral prospects, his unwavering supporters are convinced that it will only serve to boost his chances of reclaiming the White House in November. They see the conviction as a rallying cry and a testament to Trump’s resilience in the face of adversity.