Debate Watchers Stunned By Biden’s Performance: ‘I Never Thought He Would Be This Bad’

President Joe Biden’s performance in the first 2024 presidential debate left many viewers in shock and dismay. Facing off against former President Donald Trump on CNN, Biden appeared weak and frail, a stark contrast to Trump’s energetic demeanor. Social media erupted with reactions, highlighting the broad consensus that Biden’s showing was disastrous.

Journalist Chris Cillizza captured the sentiment, stating, “This debate was a total and complete disaster for Biden. He looked old. His answers trailed off repeatedly. He was hard to understand. He would stop in mid-sentence and move on to something else. I NEVER thought he would be this bad. Stunning. Truly.”

CNN reporter Edward-Isaac Dovere remarked on the chaotic nature of the debate, noting, “Two candidates walked into tonight’s debate talking about how the other was a threat to democracy. They finished by yelling at each other about their golf handicaps.”

Liberal actor Michael Ian Black expressed his frustration, saying, “What sucks is, if you listen to Biden’s WORDS, they’re great. But there’s not enough breath left in him for the words to reach your ears.”

Former NFL star J.J. Watt summed up the general feeling with, “This is difficult to watch.”

Even those typically critical of Trump were taken aback by Biden’s performance. Former GOP Congressman Joe Walsh tweeted, “Biden looks and sounds terrible. He looks and sounds so old. So old. Trump is Trump, every word out of his mouth is bulls***. But Biden sounds old. And lost. And that’s going to matter more than anything. So far, this is an absolute nightmare for Biden.”

GOP strategist Mike Murphy admitted his disappointment, saying, “Sorry, I’m voting for President Biden but a disaster so far. I’m going to go home tonight, kiss my kid and wife goodnight, pour a stiff drink, watch The Last Hurrah and have a quiet cry.”

Conservative commentator Alyssa Farah Griffin echoed the need for change, noting, “Hearing from countless viewers of all political stripes and the consensus is Biden needs to be replaced. It’s worse than I believe most people imagined.”

Sarah Isgur suggested drastic measures, stating, “Forget the election, this is heading into 25th amendment territory.”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) offered a stark comparison, “In boxing, if you’re punch drunk, the referee calls a TKO (technical knockout). It would be a blessing if CNN would call the fight now and put Biden out of his misery.”

Despite the widespread criticism, the official Democratic Party account declared Biden the winner of the debate. However, the overwhelming reaction from viewers and commentators alike indicates significant concerns about Biden’s ability to effectively campaign and govern.