Colorado Teenager Charged With Trying To Aid ISIS

A Westminster, Colorado teenager was charged with trying to aid ISIS on Monday after allegedly attempting to travel to the Middle East so he could join the terrorist organization to become a martyr or be victorious over his enemies.

Humzah Mashkoor, 18, was arrested at the Denver International Airport trying to board a flight headed “to the United Arab Emirates, where he intended to stay until he continued on to either Afghanistan or Syria to serve as a fighter for ISIS,” the Department of Justice said in a statement.

After his arrest, a search warrant was issued on his home, where FBI agents found an ISIS flag and a note explaining his intent to join the organization. Agents also found journal entries, one of them said, “So once again I state, that I have NO regrets about this blessed path decorated with thorns. And I hope to be granted one of two things. Victory over my enemies, or martyrdom.”

In his last entry, Mashkoor wrote a goodbye note.

“I will never forget all that you’ve done for me and I’m sorry for how I treated you. Goodbye,” the journal entry read.

His arrest comes after a two-year investigation in November 2021 after law enforcement began looking into his social media. Mashkoor posted his support for ISIS online and used his social media to contact other supporters.

According to the complaint, Mashkoor began communicating online with an FBI agent posing as an ISIS supporter in September 2022. Within a year, he had communicated with four agents posing as ISIS supporters. To avoid suspicion, the teenager used code phrases, multiple social media accounts, and different user names.

The complaint also reported that the teenager communicated with two real ISIS supporters with supposed terrorist ties, including one convicted for terror-related activity in a foreign country.

Mashkoor planned on giving all of his money to ISIS before his 18th birthday in the form of cryptocurrency but struggled in doing so without being compromised.

Mashkoor’s family was unaware of why he was traveling overseas. According to court documents, he told one of the agents his family was “very sad and it’s been having a toll on my mental health.” He also said, “I don’t know how to properly say my final goodbyes to them or how to convey the reasons why I left without compromising myself.”