CNN Legal Analyst Blasts Maine’s Secretary Of State

Even the talking heads at left-wing CNN know former President Donald Trump got a raw deal in Maine. Senior legal analyst Elie Honig ripped Senna Bellows on Thursday night for her controversial call to strip Trump from the state ballot.

The Democratic secretary of state said Thursday that the 45th president engaged in insurrection and thus violated Sec. 3 of the 14th Amendment. This followed a similar action by the Colorado Supreme Court.

Honig noted that the language of the 14th Amendment is simple, but the process of determining who committed such acts is not.

It is also far from certain that Maine, Colorado, or any other state has the authority to tell its citizens who they may or may not vote for in a presidential race. The 14th Amendment gives that right to Congress, not the states.

The CNN analyst said this is “legally unknown territory…But perhaps and this is the argument that the Maine secretary of state and Colorado made, the states can do it too.” That is far from a certainty.

And then there’s fairness and due process. Bellows admitted she drew much of her conclusion from watching YouTube videos. No defense witnesses and no counterarguments. Literally social media.

The Democrat reached her decision after hearing from exactly one witness. Besides the online videos, she credited various documents and news reports.

Or, as Honig confirmed, “things that would never pass the bar in a normal court.” He further noted that Bellows is an unelected official and not a lawyer.

Following Colorado’s unprecedented action against Trump last week, Secretary of State Jena Griswold said Thursday that the former president’s name will in fact be on the state’s primary ballot on the Jan. 5 certification deadline unless the U.S. Supreme Court acts.

That could come with affirming the state high court decision or refusing to take the case. The latter would be a shock considering the constitutional importance of determining whether states may unilaterally erase presidential candidates from their ballots.

Griswold affirmed her belief that Trump engaged in “insurrection” and should be disqualified from next year’s pivotal race. She added her wish that the Supreme Court “act quickly” on the explosive issue.