CNN Commentator: Americans Fooled By High Costs Of Food, Mortgages

CNN commentator and former Obama advisor Van Jones apparently believes that voters should disregard evidence they see with their own eyes. In a startling diatribe on the network’s “AC360,” the mouthpiece declared that the American people should be “feeling good.”

The economy and inflation are at or near the top of virtually all polls surveying concerns heading into the November elections. Incumbent President Joe Biden and his media minions busily preach that the Democrat righted the ship and all is well with the economy.

But the people who buy groceries, fill their cars with gas and dutifully pay their mortgages are not so easily fooled.

Jones noted that food and housing costs have not appreciably dropped, leading to disenchantment on the part of voters. He said this causes the public to believe “the whole thing is terrible.”

Nothing like Democratic elites telling the average American what they are experiencing.

But Jones was undeterred. “I think that reality — actual reality and emotional reality have not lined up for Biden on a number of issues. The economy, actually, on paper, is doing a lot better than people think. Unemployment is down, gas prices are relatively low, stock market’s up.”

A recent Gallup poll demonstrated that the left’s messaging about Biden’s “accomplishments” simply does not ring true for the vast majority of Americans. A full 63% believe the U.S. economy is getting worse.

Meanwhile, 45% already rated the financial status of the country as “poor.”

The reasons are quite simple. While the rate of inflation dropped, the historical surge leading up to slower increases means that everyday items such as food are still perched at astronomically high levels compared to what consumers expect.

The same may be said for housing as interest rates remain high and costs are at all-time records.

And, as a recent landmark study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research demonstrated, actual inflation is not aligned with the official numbers touted by the Biden White House.

In other words, politicians and economists may use one set of data and particular models to try to convince voters that left-wing policies are working. But there’s a catch.

The people know their incomes and what they pay to try to just maintain their standard of living. They will not be fooled by fuzzy math employed by Democrats and their media accomplices that tries to convince them that they are better off than they really are.