Chicago Alderman Responds To Constituent’s 911 Frustrations Amid Home Invasion

A Chicago alderman has responded to a constituent’s frustration with the city’s 911 response after she was left waiting for hours during a home invasion.

The woman, known only as Michelle, called 911 six times after two masked men entered her Wicker Park home on Wednesday. Dispatchers advised her to contact her local representative, 1st Ward Alderman Daniel La Spata, to request more police funding.

In a statement, La Spata said, “It is awful that our neighbor experienced this, everyone deserves to feel safe in their home. My staff alerted me to the issue as soon as they heard, and I am in contact with 12th District Police leadership.”

La Spata pledged to support any resources requested by the police districts and to work with the city on establishing a satellite location for the 12th District police within the West Town neighborhood.

Michelle, who waited four hours for officers to arrive after the intruders fled, said she does not blame the police for the delayed response. “I don’t think it is the police department’s fault they are overstaffed and overwhelmed,” she told NBC Chicago.

The incident has highlighted the strain on Chicago’s police resources and the impact on public safety. Michelle has heeded the dispatcher’s advice and contacted her alderman’s office, awaiting an in-person meeting to address her concerns.

As the city grapples with funding challenges and rising crime rates, residents and officials alike are seeking solutions to ensure timely and effective emergency response.