Carlson Calls US ‘Third World’ Country, Declares End Of Justice System After Trump Conviction

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson linked the outrageous guilty verdict in President Donald Trump’s politically motivated show trial to immigration while declaring the end of the American justice system on Thursday.

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, Carlson wrote, “Import the Third World, become the Third World. That’s what we just saw. This won’t stop Trump. He’ll win the election if he’s not killed first. But it does mark the end of the fairest justice system in the world. Anyone who defends this verdict is a danger to you and your family.”

Carlson’s comments come after Trump was convicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records late Thursday afternoon. Some critics have argued that the case against Trump was thin, reliant upon the testimony of convicted felon Michael Cohen, and was brought, principally, for political reasons.

However, Carlson’s reaction has been characterized as unhinged by some, particularly his speculation that Trump might be assassinated, a concern he has expressed in previous interviews with comedian Adam Carolla and Dan Bongino.

Carlson was not alone in his hyperbolic response to the verdict. Donald Trump Jr. concurred with Carlson’s argument that the United States had devolved into a “third world shithole” and claimed that the November election would be “our last chance to save” the country. Federalist CEO Sean Davis called on Republicans to begin compiling lists of Democrats to “put in prison.”

The heightened rhetoric surrounding Trump’s conviction has raised concerns about the potential for further polarization and unrest as the 2024 presidential election approaches, with some commentators warning of the dangers of such inflammatory language in an already divided political landscape.