Canadian Conservative Leader Stumps Reporter With Simple Questions

As the Conservative Party of Canada has begun crushing the Liberal Party in the polls, reporters from the state-funded media have been desperately trying to protect the regime. One reporter attempted to smear Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre during a recent interview — but was smacked down when Poilievre simply asked him to explain what he meant.

The latest Angus Reid Institute poll shows the Conservatives now have enough for a majority in the House of Commons — sitting at 39% to the Liberals’ 27%. Many have attributed the loss in the polls to the celebration of a Waffen-SS Nazi veteran in Parliament last month — who received a standing ovation from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Parliament and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

As the Liberal Party continues to decline in popularity ahead of the 2025 election, many within Canada’s state-subsidized media have begun trying to paint Poilievre as Canada’s version of former U.S. President Donald Trump.

During an interview with Don Urquhart of the Times Chronicle after meeting with fruit growers in the area, Poilievre described his plan to eliminate bureaucratic red tape to help Canadians.

“We’re no longer going to accept that this or that gatekeeping bureaucracy stands in the way of obvious common-sense solutions,” he said, adding: “There’s going to be a lot of vested interests and bureaucracies that are gonna be very unhappy when I’m prime minister.”

The reporter later tried to smear Poilievre for supporting the Canadian people over the country’s bloated government.

“In terms of your sort of strategy, currently, you’re obviously taking the populist pathway,” Urquhart said.

Poilievre casually questioned the reporter — asking: “What does that mean?”

Laughing nervously, Urquhart replied with a false definition of populism.

“Well, appealing to people’s more emotional levels, I would guess. I mean, certainly … you tap very strong ideological language quite frequently,” he said.

“Like what?” Poilievre continued to push.

“The left wing, you know, this and that, right-wing… That type,” Urquhart responded.

“I haven’t really talked about left or right. I don’t really believe in that,” Poilievre asserted.

The reporter finally got to the essence of his accusation, claiming that “a lot of people would say that you’re simply taking a page out of the Donald Trump book.”

Poilievre refused to give the reporter a soundbite to push his narrative, asking him “which people would say that?”

“Well, I’m sure a great many Canadians, but —” Urquhart began before Poilievre once again asked for a specific answer.

“I don’t know who… I’m sure there’s some out there. But anyways, the point of this, the point of this question is, I mean, why should Canadians trust you with their vote given not just the sort of ideological inclination in terms of taking the page out of Donald Trump’s book —” the reporter tried again.

“What are you talking about? What page?” Poilievre asked. “Give me the page.”

“In terms of turning things quite dramatically in terms of Trudeau and the left wing and all of this, I mean. You make quite a, you know, it’s quite a play that you make on it,” Urquhart continued.

Poilievre finally gave up on trying to get the reporter to clarify his smears, stating: “I don’t know what your question is.”

As Urquhart failed to get Poilievre to take the bait, he was forced to find another way to smear him, writing in his report: “When asked why Canadians should trust him with their votes given his demonstrable track record of flip-flopping on key issues and what some consider his use of polarizing ideologically-infused rhetoric suggesting he simply takes pages out of the Donald Trump populist playbook, Poilievre became acerbic.”