California Ban On Gun Shows At County Fairs Blocked

California’s war on the Second Amendment suffered a defeat Monday when a federal judge blocked the state’s ban on gun shows at county fairs.

U.S. District Judge Mark Holcomb ruled the state violated the rights of both sellers and would-be buyers. Lawmakers attempted to ban transactions for firearms which may be purchased at any gun dealer.

Enforcement of two state laws was halted. Both were authored by Democratic state Sen. Dave Min, with the first going into effect Jan. 2022 and prohibiting gun shows at the Orange County Fair.

The second of Min’s ill-fated measures took effect this year and expanded the ban to all county fairs on state-owned property.

Judge Holcomb decided the sweeping ban overreached into constitutionally protected activities. “California’s interest in stopping crimes committed with illegal weapons, as important as it is, cannot justify prohibiting the complete sale of lawful firearms at gun shows,” he wrote.

Min, of course, took umbrance with the decision. He termed Holcomb’s ruling “shocking” and predicted it would be overturned when the state inevitably appeals.

The Democrat released a statement Monday showing his utter contempt for gun rights. “California’s vital ban on gun shows at state properties, encompassing even our iconic fairground sites, serves as a critical line of defense against the unchecked proliferation of firearms.”

For good measure, Min even referenced gun kits. These have no bearing on the issue except to give the state senator another ax to grind against law-abiding citizens.

Though gun shows attract many to fairgrounds, the transactions cannot be completed until 10 days later when the mandatory waiting period expires. This means the firearm must be picked up from a licensed gun store.

So, what is the danger of having a gun show at the state fairground if no weapons will change hands?

Gun control groups make the flimsy argument that having gun shows at state fairs will make firearms more attractive to children. There is also the weak contention that “straw purchases” will be made for those ineligible for gun ownership.

Chuck Michel of the California Rifle and Pistol Association said the motives for opposing gun shows are clear. “Anti-gun owner politicians are trying to eliminate the ‘gun culture’ for future generations by, among other things, banning folks from getting together at a gun show.”

For the record, the Orange County Fair hosted gun shows for the last three decades.