Bumble’s AI Dating Vision Draws Comparisons To ‘Black Mirror’ Episode

Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe Herd’s vision of AI-powered “dating concierges” communicating with each other to find the best matches for users has drawn comparisons to a 2017 episode of the Netflix series “Black Mirror.” In the episode titled “Hang the DJ,” AI versions of individuals are paired up by an algorithm to determine their real-life compatibility.

Wolfe Herd, who shared her vision at the Bloomberg Technology Summit on Thursday, believes that users could share their insecurities with an AI concierge which could then scan a city for the most compatible people to meet. She argued that this is “the power of AI if harnessed the right way.”

However, the concept has sparked criticism and raised questions about whether people actually want AI to navigate the online dating landscape on their behalf. Some argue that having an algorithm speak on one’s behalf seems like a grim abdication of personal agency.

In the meantime, Bumble has recently announced a feature called “Opening Move,” which allows users to send out AI-generated first messages instead of writing their own. This development, along with Wolfe Herd’s vision, has led some to worry about a potentially slippery slope in the world of online dating.