Boeing Whistleblower ‘Made Powerful Enemies’ Before His Suspicious Death

John Barnett, a former Boeing employee who became a whistleblower on the company’s practices, “made powerful enemies” in the pursuit of his cause, it has been learned.

Barnett was found dead his car from an alleged suicide earlier this month in Charleston. He was in the middle of testifying in a case against Boeing and was speaking to their lawyers for questioning. However, he was never able to complete the process due to his suspicious demise.

An anonymous Boeing employee spoke with the New York Post and said, “I don’t know what to believe. We don’t really talk about it on the (assembly) line. We’re on camera from the minute we get on the property. They can hear us. So no one wants to talk about it at work. A lot of people are skeptical, because he made some pretty powerful enemies.”

Employees who worked at the Holiday Inn where Barnett was staying immediately before he died also expressed shock and disbelief at the idea his death was a suicide, saying that he appeared to be fine and did not seem distressed.

As the case continues to develop, it has been revealed that Barnett also told a close family friend that if he is found dead that his death will not be a suicide.

The friend known only as “Jennifer,” said, “I know he did not commit suicide there’s no way. He loved life too much, he loved his family too much, he loved his brothers too much to put them through what they’re going through right now…I think somebody didn’t like what he had to say and wanted to shut him up and didn’t want it to come back on anyone so that’s why they made it look like a suicide.”

Barnett’s attorneys have now come forward and said that they believe there should be a full investigation into his death. Interestingly, although the coroner ruled the death a suicide, it has been learned that police did take finger prints on the inside of the car.

Meanwhile, dangerous malfunctions continue to embarrass Boeing and shock the public, as it has just been learned that a Boeing 737-8 aircraft for United Airlines was discovered to be missing a panel during a post-flight check after it landed in Medford, Oregon.

As more Boeing aircraft continue to show a lack of safety, pressure will likely grow for investigations to be launched into Barnett’s death as the public begins to pay more attention to this startling case.