BLM Leader Arrested After Confrontation With Police Officer

In a heated altercation outside the Bronx Criminal Court, Hawk Newsome, a prominent figure in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, was arrested on Tuesday after reportedly threatening a police officer.

The incident occurred as Newsome arrived at the court for a hearing concerning an NYPD sergeant’s involvement in the death of a suspect last summer. Video footage captured Newsome aggressively confronting the officer, hurling threats and insults.

“You think I’m scared of you?” Newsome can be heard saying in the video. “I’ll beat the s–t out of you. You must be out of your f—ing mind. You see how I’m all up on you? You’re a vagina … F—ing vagina.”

Following the altercation, Newsome was issued three summonses for disorderly conduct, as reported by the New York Post.

While the exact cause of the confrontation remains unclear, Newsome claimed he was vocal in response to an officer approaching the group he was with and accusing them of loitering at the courthouse.

“I’m not going to sit here and try and not say I wasn’t vocal,” Newsome later told CBS News. “Yes, I was vocal. I care a lot. A man was smashed in the head with a cooler and killed.”

Newsome’s behavior drew significant backlash on social media, with NYC councilwoman Vickie Paladino expressing outrage and advocating for police intervention, including the potential use of lethal force in extreme circumstances.

“If you are within reach of an officer’s firearm and behaving in an unambiguously hostile and threatening manner like this, you should be tased at the very least,” she wrote in a post on X. “Lethal force should not be out of the question either if tasers are ineffective and [the] situation escalates. It is beyond absurd that our police have to put up with this. Showing even an ounce of deference to this kind of abject hostility only invites more, and makes the job that much more dangerous. Criminals used to understand that actions like this crossed a line and would lead to bad outcomes. Now they know there are no consequences so they push even further. It’s a very dangerous game, enabled by progressives who cheer the chaos.”

Newsome’s past actions have also come under scrutiny, with reports of threatening and extorting an ice cream truck driver surfacing. He gained notoriety during the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, where he made inflammatory statements about burning down the system if demands were not met.

In response to criticism, Newsome defended his rhetoric, citing the frustration and sense of being backed into a corner experienced by many in marginalized communities.

This latest incident further fuels the ongoing debate surrounding police-community relations and the tactics employed by activists in advocating for social justice reforms.