Biden’s Israel Policy Sparks Shift Among Donor Landscape, Fuels Rise Of ‘Never Bidens’

President Joe Biden’s recent policy decisions regarding Israel have catalyzed a notable shift among political donors, ushering in the emergence of the ‘Never Bidens’ cohort, who now view Biden’s reelection bid as a greater concern than Trump’s return to office.

The controversy stems from Biden’s remarks on arms shipments to Israel and intelligence-sharing related to Hamas, prompting disillusionment among former Never Trump donors. Cliff Asness, a prominent Republican donor, lamented Biden’s arms embargo, stating, “My ‘Never Again’ is trumping my ‘Never Trump’ these days.”

Similarly, billionaire Democratic donor Haim Saban underscored the significance of Biden’s Israel policy, highlighting the disparity in voter priorities between Jewish and Muslim communities.

Hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman criticized Biden’s decision as “one of the worst acts against an ally of a sitting president ever,” signaling a potential shift in his political allegiance.

Ackman also recently responded to a Truth Social post from Trump about the matter, which read: “Crooked Joe Biden, whether he knows it or not, just said he will withhold weapons from Israel as they fight to eradicate Hamas Terrorists in Gaza. Hamas murdered thousands of innocent civilians, including babies, and are still holding Americans hostage, if the hostages are still alive.”

In his comment, the Democrat billionaire declared that Trump “speaks the truth.”

David Friedman, former ambassador to Israel under Trump, noted a surge in support for Trump among Jewish donors, attributing it to dissatisfaction with Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict. Michael Granoff, a former Biden supporter, expressed his loss of confidence in the president, signaling a potential departure from his previous party allegiance.

Recent polls indicate Biden trailing Trump in key swing states, reflecting the broader impact of his Israel policy on electoral dynamics. Despite Biden’s approval of a $1 billion arms package to Israel, concerns linger among pro-Israel donors regarding the president’s stance on critical munitions.

The rise of ‘Never Bidens’ underscores the evolving landscape of political allegiance, where foreign policy decisions can reshape donor priorities and influence electoral outcomes. As the 2024 election approaches, the impact of Biden’s Israel policy on donor sentiment remains a critical factor in shaping the political landscape.