Biden Won’t Negotiate Abortion Over Military Promotions

The ongoing standoff between the Biden Administration and Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) has created a contentious debate surrounding a controversial abortion policy in the military. The White House has refused to consider ending the policy, which has led to Tuberville blocking military promotions and appointments.

In March, Tuberville initiated a campaign to halt all further military promotions and appointments. His blockade was in response to a Department of Defense (DOD) policy that reimburses female service members for out-of-state travel to get an abortion. The policy has led to a political impasse between Tuberville and the Biden Admin.

The Biden Admin has repeatedly stressed that Tuberville’s actions threaten national security. Almost 400 nominations have been put on hold due to Tuberville’s blockade, creating a backlog that hampers military operations. Tuberville contends that the power to end the standoff lies solely with the White House.

Tuberville told The Daily Caller that if the White House were to move the policy back and present it to Congress for a vote, he would nix the hold on military promotions, regardless of the outcome. He believes that this approach would open the door to compromise, instead of executive overreach.

Tuberville argued that the American people deserve a voice in matters of policy and that the Biden Admin should not dictate without involving Congress. Despite initiating the blockade eight months ago, Tuberville claims to have had only “a handful” of conversations with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin regarding the issue.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre condemned Tuberville’s blockade, stating, “It’s a risk to our military readiness, it’s hurting our military families, and certainly we strongly disapprove of this and we have been very loud and very clear about our thoughts on what he is doing here.”

While Tuberville’s approach has garnered support from some Republicans, including Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), others have turned against him. Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK) referred to Tuberville’s efforts as a “national security suicide mission.”

As the standoff continues, potential resolutions have been proposed. Tuberville suggests using “regular order” in the Senate to pass some of the held-up military nominations. This approach would allow for a more democratic decision-making process.

The Biden Administration has made no attempt to work with Tuberville or modify the DOD policies. The primary focus of the White House appears to be on funding abortion travel rather than prioritizing military promotions and readiness. As the standoff continues, the implications for national security and the lives of servicemembers hang in the balance.