Biden Sent Over 29,000 Emails To Biden Family Businesses As VP

Joe Biden exchanged more than 29,000 emails with Hunter and Jim Biden’s business accounts during his term as Vice President of the United States.

America First Legal filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that revealed the details of Biden’s activity while he was serving under the Obama Administration.

The documents convey Biden sent or received 19,335 emails from Hunter Biden’s investment firm, Rosemont Seneca; they also log 4,243 emails from Hunter, in addition to 1.751 emails from Jim Biden, who is Joe Biden’s brother. Another 3,738 emails were received from Jim Biden’s Lion Hall Group.

This news comes as a slap in the face to already-angry Americans who put their trust in Joe Biden. He and the White House have continually asserted that he never participated in any of Hunter’s business dealings while holding the office of VP.

Biden and the White House have also insisted he has no knowledge of Hunter’s foreign affairs. The public has struggled to believe that given the magnitude of the allegations against Hunter regarding possible FARA violations linked to business dealings in Ukraine, China and Kazakhstan.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene shared in a post on X, “Joe Biden’s Vice President Office emailed Hunter Biden and Jim Biden businesses OVER 29,000 TIMES! Not his personal email. Biden’s VP email. The Bug Guy was definitely involved. Heavily.”

Benny Johnson shared, “Then-VP Biden’s office exchanged nearly 20,000 emails with Hunter Biden, Jim Biden and their businesses associates sparking MORE questions about the extent of the ’Big Guy’s’ involvement.”

Another FOIA request has been filed by the Southeastern Legal Foundation, which has revealed the National Archives is housing roughly 5,400 documents, electronic records and emails that show Joe Biden was using pseudonyms —- such as JRB Ware, Robert L Peters and Robin Ware —- in his communications.

Devin Archer, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, testified before Congress in July claiming Joe Biden was present on over 20 phone calls among his son’s business partners at the time. Archer made very clear in his testimony that access to Joe Biden, the then-current VP, was exactly what Hunter was selling.

In September, the House Oversight Committee insisted it be given “unrestricted special access” to Hunter and Jim Biden’s foreign business affairs. The report entitled “Records on Hunter Biden, Hames Biden, and Their Foreign Business Dealings” has been published on NARA’s website.

Chairman of the HOC James Comer said the emails include many sent to Biden’s former VP team, including Kate Bedingfield, who today has a position inside the Biden White House.

Comer claimed the documents contain evidence of Biden’s engagement in business with Burisma, a Ukraine energy company.

Comer also cited concern that Eric Schwerin — Hunter’s business associate — supplied Bedingfield with quotes to use when the White House was approached by the media with questions of Hunter’s role with Burisma.

News of Biden’s potentially complicit nature with Hunter and Jim Biden’s business dealings may not take center stage amidst the war breaking out in the Middle East right now, but it also should not fall on deaf ears. Eyes open, America.