Biden Rejects Calls For Medical Evaluation, Claims Debate Performance Was An Isolated Incident

President Joe Biden dismissed calls for an independent medical evaluation during a primetime interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. The interview, aimed at addressing concerns about his fitness for office following a poor debate performance against former President Donald Trump, seemed to do little to assuage voter doubts.

During the Friday night interview, Biden claimed he had “shut Putin down” and touted his work with NATO and Israel. Despite his assertions, the U.S. continues to fund Ukraine in its ongoing conflict with Russia, with no end in sight.

Biden attempted to deflect concerns about his cognitive health by pointing to his achievements. “I’m the guy that put NATO together,” he said. “I’m the guy that shot Putin down.” He also emphasized his efforts to gather more support for Ukraine.

Stephanopoulos did not shy away from addressing the primary concern: Biden’s mental fitness. “Was this a bad episode or a sign of a more serious condition?” Stephanopoulos asked. Biden attributed his debate performance to illness and exhaustion. “It was a bad episode,” he admitted, adding that he had felt “terrible” and was unprepared.

Biden also claimed that Trump’s interruptions, even when his microphone was off, distracted him. Stephanopoulos pressed further, quoting major news outlets that have highlighted fears of Biden’s decline. Biden countered by highlighting his diplomatic efforts and domestic policy achievements, stating, “We took on all the things we said we got done, were told we couldn’t get done.”

Biden refused to undergo a neurological test, despite growing calls from within his own party for an independent evaluation. He insisted that voters should watch his performance instead. “I wouldn’t be running if I didn’t think I could handle it,” he said, expressing optimism about his ability to lead.

Stephanopoulos questioned Biden’s self-assessment and pointed out his low approval ratings. “I’ve never seen a president with 36% approval get re-elected,” Stephanopoulos noted. Biden disputed these figures, claiming his internal polls show a different picture.

When asked about his plan if he loses to Trump in the next election, Biden replied, “I’ll feel as long as I gave it my all and I did the goodest job I know I can do, that’s what this is about.”

Despite the tough questions, Biden remained adamant about staying in the race. He concluded the interview with a confident declaration: “I’m staying in the race. I’ll beat Donald Trump and I’ll beat him again in 2020.”