Biden Ramps Up Anti-Trump Doomer Rhetoric for 2024

President Joe Biden commonly ends his speeches with the same refrain: He has “never been more optimistic” about the country’s direction.

But lately, he’s been lacing his speeches with dire anti-Trump rhetoric. Biden has recently accused his most likely 2024 rival of being “determined to destroy American democracy.”

He says the former president and Republican frontrunner is bent on “revenge” and “retribution.” Furthermore, his campaign has begun to issue bold warnings of a catastrophic future for America if former President Donald Trump retakes the White House in 2024.

For example, the subject line of one recent Biden campaign email read, “Trump’s America in 2025: A Unilateral National Abortion Ban.”

Another said, “Trump’s America in 2025: Mass Detention Camps.”

Trump has not, however, endorsed a national ban on abortion. The Supreme Court devolved that policy question to the states in June 2022.

He has proposed sweeping immigration policy reforms to “immediately stop the invasion of our southern border.” But that is a far cry from mass detention camps.

The Biden campaign’s bleak picture of America’s future under Trump contrasts with the president’s carefully crafted image of positivity and optimism.

But contrasting himself sharply with Donald Trump is key to Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection strategy. That’s how he won the Democratic nomination in 2020.

Biden is returning to his old winning strategy right at a time he may need to most. In November, Trump led Biden (46% to 44%) in an NBC News poll for the first time in its history.

Although he hardly mentioned Trump for most of his first term, Biden began to include more heated references to the leading GOP contender in his speeches in November.

That’s what it might take to energize lukewarm Democratic voters and moderate centrists.

In the last presidential cycle, Democrats polled in early-voting states said their main preference for a candidate was whoever could beat Trump in the general election.

The Biden campaign ran an ad ten days before the Iowa caucuses that said, “Donald Trump poses a threat to America and the world. We have to beat him. Joe Biden is the strongest candidate to do it.”