Biden Nearly Fell Asleep During Debate Due To Exhaustion, Admits Misstep

President Joe Biden revealed at a recent private fundraiser that he was so fatigued during his debate with former President Donald Trump that he nearly fell asleep on stage. This potential true statement comes as his administration works to counter criticisms of his stamina and calls for him to step down as the Democratic nominee.

During his brief six-minute speech, Biden acknowledged, “I decided to travel around the world a couple of times… shortly before the debate… I didn’t listen to my staff… and then I almost fell asleep on stage,” as reported by the White House press pool. Despite his claim, The New York Times noted that Biden had been in the U.S. for nearly two weeks prior to the debate, including a restful week at Camp David with daily naps and a light schedule.

Biden apologized for his debate performance, emphasizing the importance of winning the election and clarifying that his explanation was not an excuse. Reports from The New York Times indicate that those close to Biden have observed increasing confusion and forgetfulness, with these episodes becoming more frequent and concerning.

The Times also highlighted multiple awkward moments during Biden’s recent European trips, which garnered widespread attention on social media. Despite growing concerns, the White House has blocked the president’s physician from answering questions about Biden’s health, denying any need for re-evaluation for Parkinson’s disease or dementia and refuting claims of him taking medication for these conditions.

Furthermore, NBC News reported that Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has been attending official White House meetings, a move that has surprised many within the administration and added to the ongoing scrutiny of Biden’s presidency.

As the election draws nearer, Biden’s campaign faces significant challenges, with increasing pressure to address concerns about his health and capacity to lead.