Biden Furious About Falling Behind Trump

President Joe Biden is losing his cool over continuing to trail former President Donald Trump as the election season heats up. This despite having the nation’s media trumpeting his message and the Democratic persecution of his challenger.

According to an NBC News report, the president exploded at a recent meeting of advisers when told of his lagging poll numbers. In particular, Biden was upset that battleground states such as Georgia and Michigan continue to trend toward the former president.

These are states he narrowly won on his way to the White House in 2020.

The outlet reported that “President Joe Biden was seething.” He was told in January that his already low popularity took a hit in swing states over his support of Israel in its war with Hamas terrorists.

Democrats know all too well that the woefully unpopular president cannot afford to lose states he barely won in his previous battle with Donald Trump.

The report noted that Biden “began to shout and swear.” A lawmaker said the president declared that his actions were correct “despite the political fallout.”

When asked about the incident, White House spokesman Andrew Bates denied political considerations are weighed in the president’s decisions. “President Biden makes national security decisions based on the country’s national security needs alone — no other factor.”

While the truth of that assertion is debatable, Democrats are increasingly alarmed over the president’s poor showing in national polls. Particularly in battleground states, he is being outpaced by his Republican challenger.

And the Democrat faces tough odds.

According to Gallup survey figures, Biden’s historically low 38% approval rating is below the last three presidents who lost their reelection bids. At this juncture Trump had a 48% approval rating, George H.W. Bush 39% and Jimmy Carter 43%.

Aides admit that the president feels he does not get credit for “accomplishments” and wants to be out more with voters. However, his handlers are keenly aware that Biden’s faculties are slipping, and more improvisational time will certainly mean more gaffes.

And apparently, more anger in the Oval Office.