Biden, CIA Chief Pressure Israel For ‘Pause’ In Fighting

President Joe Biden and his CIA Chief are pressuring Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a ceasefire allegedly to appease pro-Palestine activists in the U.S. — though they are characterizing the effort as calling for a “pause” in fighting for humanitarian purposes.

While Israel reportedly has pushed Hamas into a corner in their war to eliminate the terrorist group from the Gaza Strip, the Biden administration is demanding that Israel declare a “pause” in fighting Hamas.

On Friday, Netanyahu firmly and publicly rejected calls for a “pause,” according to Breitbart News. The Israeli prime minister further declared that there would be no end to the fighting until Hamas released the 240 hostages that it took during the horrific October 7 massacre.

However, despite Netanyahu’s firm stance, Biden reportedly is still pushing for a ceasefire. According to the Wall Street Journal: “President Biden, in a phone call Monday with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, urged the Israeli leader to declare a humanitarian pause, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said.”

The outlet explained that Biden’s phone call came just hours after CIA director Bill Burns arrived in Israel, which came after other visits to the Jewish state from Biden administration officials — including Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Special Envoy for the Middle East David Satterfield, who had traveled to Israel to try to negotiate a “pause” to allow humanitarian aid to Gaza.

The full-court press from the Biden administration demanding a ceasefire follows a complete change in rhetoric from U.S. officials — who previously expressed ardent support for Israel. After facing backlash from the pro-Palestine activists within the Democrat base, including vows from Muslim leaders to withhold votes for Biden in the 2024 presidential race, Biden and his allies changed their tune and began telling Israel to tone down its war on Hamas or risk losing the support of the United States.

As Breitbart News notes, “There is no clear military justification for a ‘pause’; Biden seems to have embraced the idea following protests by the Muslim- and Arab-American communities.”

There have been several massive pro-Palestine and even pro-Hamas protests across the U.S. in the weeks since the October 7 terrorist attack in Israel, including a demonstration in Washington, D.C., with tens of thousands of people in attendance. During the event, protesters could be heard calling Biden “Genocide Joe” outside the White House due to his support for Israel. Activists also vandalized the Israeli Embassy and several historic monuments with anti-Israel messages.

Several lawmakers criticized the Biden administration for advocating for Israel to “pause” fighting Hamas, including Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR).

“President Biden knows his ‘humanitarian pause’ wouldn’t have an end. He’s demanding Israel stand down and let Hamas remain in power to commit more massacres,” Cotton wrote in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter.