Biden Campaign Slammed For Pressuring Media For Better Coverage

Critics are slamming President Joe Biden’s campaign team after it was revealed that they had tried to pressure mainstream media outlets like the New York Times to provide favorable coverage for Biden to aid his 2024 re-election campaign.

The news broke via a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, from Axios national political correspondent Alex Thompson — who shared a screenshot of an email from the Biden campaign. Thompson highlighted and quoted a portion of the email that was directly calling on the New York Times to essentially report negative information about Biden’s chief rival, former President Donald Trump.

In the email, the Biden campaign referred to the New York Times by its nickname, “the Gray Lady.”

“For the political press corp – especially our friends at the Gray Lady – it’s time to meet the moment and responsibly inform the electorate of what their lives might look like if the leading GOP candidate for president is allowed back in the White House,” the email read.

Social media users were quick to criticize the Biden campaign for their blatant attempt to influence media coverage and push for negative coverage of his opponent.

“You know things are going well when you start publicly trying to work the refs to give you better press coverage. When you have Dem heavyweights like David Axelrod telling Biden to step aside you should recognize that the problem isn’t the New York Times coverage,” Republican communications strategist Matt Whitlock wrote, referencing recent comments from Axelrod suggesting that Biden may not be fit for a second term.

“Translation: ‘Why isn’t the press doing more to overtly campaign on our behalf?’” RealClearInvestigations senior writer Mark Hemingway wrote.

“Shorter Biden campaign to NYT: ‘Be the political activists you must be in order to save democracy… and stop reporting your own polls, dammit!’” conservative columnist Joe Concha wrote.

“Team Biden sounds a little nervous. And imagine thinking the media doesn’t carry enough of their water already,” Doug Powers wrote.

“The Biden campaign is openly telling the media how to cover one of their political opponents, which feels like exactly the kind of thing the media would be ferociously screaming about as an unacceptable incursion on the free press if it was coming from a Republican,” Outkick writer Ian Miller wrote.