Arson Investigation At Minnesota Conservative Think Tank

The FBI is investigating the firebombing of two offices belonging to conservative organizations in Golden Valley, Minnesota, according to the Daily Caller. No one is hurt.

In the early morning hours of January 28, at least one person broke into the office building and set two fires. One of the fires was on the first floor, one on the third, according to the President of the Center of the American Experiment John Hinderaker.

The CAE is a conservative think tank that advocates for free-market principles.

The third-floor fire was set at the Upper Midwest Law Center. The UMLC is a conservative legal organization. The organization battles “diversity, equity, and inclusion” discrimination and other progressive causes.

The first-floor fire was set in the hallway between the CAE’s offices and Take Charge, another conservative organization. Take Charge fights against progressive myths about race.

The motive for the fires is unknown at this time. From the areas targeted, however, it appears that the perpetrators were targeting conservative organizations.

Hinderaker, who is also a board member at UMLC, told the Daily Wire his organization is regularly “involved with things that tick off liberals,” but there “wasn’t anything going on right at that moment of the preceding where you would say, ‘Uh-huh. You know, that must be what it is.’”

The conservative organizations are determined to continue their work despite the attack.

Hinderaker wants the perpetrators to realize their efforts have not stopped the work he and his colleagues do. They are working remotely to do what they have always done.

Take Charge also vowed the fires would not impact their work.

“Regardless of the attacks, we’ll continue to educate all Americans on the truth Progressives want to keep hidden from public view,” Take Charge released in a statement.

“We were targeted because we are a conservative black organization and we refuse to trumpet the mantra of systemic racism and march to the beat of the DEI drum,” the organization stated.

Hinderaker told the Daily Wire he handed a list to the FBI of people who belong to groups who might have set the fires.

The list of possible suspects is not surprising. It included eco-terrorists, Antifa types, a public sector union, and pro-Hamas terrorists.

Though Hinderaker does not yet have anyone in particular he believes to have committed the crime, they could be “garden variety Libs who are really radical.”

“Now they’re gonna get caught,” Hinderaker. “I’ll tell you that. We’re gonna find out.”

The office building has been shut down for the foreseeable future, due to smoke damage. The building housed multiple small businesses, including, psychologists, chiropractors, and financial advisers.

In a statement this week, Hinderaker said his organization “would be announcing a reward to any person who provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.”