Abbott Warns Biden Administration Against Federalizing National Guard

In a new episode of “Tucker Carlson Uncensored,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) spoke out against President Joe Biden for facilitating illegal immigration and warned the president that taking action to federalize the Texas National Guard would be a “boneheaded move on his part” and “a total disaster.”

As Texas continues its efforts to secure the southern border, the Biden administration has been fighting them in the courts every step of the way. The latest battle is over Texas’ use of razor wire border barriers, which Biden’s U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents have repeatedly destroyed in order to continue facilitating illegal immigration. The U.S. Supreme Court recently issued a temporary ruling in the case that allowed the Biden administration to continue cutting down the razor wire, which prompted Texas to double down on its efforts — installing even more razor wire and refusing to relinquish control of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Texas, back to CBP.

Abbott appeared for an interview about the issue with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson while the Texas governor continues his tour of India, where he and a team of Texas business leaders have been visiting as part of an effort to boost trade and investment from India into Texas.

As Democrat leaders continue to advocate for Biden to federalize the Texas National Guard in response to the ongoing controversy between the Biden administration and Texas, Abbott told Carlson that his state is already prepared for that outcome in the “unlikely event that it does happen.”

“We will continue to do exactly what we’re doing to expand our denial of illegal entry into the state of Texas,” Abbott added.

Carlson then questioned Abbott about whether he had envisioned a scenario where he placed “armed state employees on the border instead of the National Guard of Texas” — which many supporters of the Texas resistance have suggested, as there is no process for the Biden administration to federalize entities like the Texas State Guard, while the president is able to federalize the Texas National Guard.

Abbott responded by confirming that he has already placed armed state employees on the southern border, alongside National Guard sent from other states that support Texas’ efforts.

“And you can be assured there will more be National Guard from other states and more law enforcement officers from within the state of Texas and other states,” the Republican governor added.

Abbott further explained that he had recently signed a law that will go into effect on March 5 that “authorizes any law enforcement officer in the State of Texas to be able to arrest anybody coming across the border illegally.”

The Texas governor also noted that he has not been able to speak with Biden or any members of the administration about what appears to be an “imminent collision,” but he had previously offered him quick solutions to the border crisis in several letters that have been ignored.

“I handed [Biden] a letter that had in it immediate solutions he could take that would immediately secure the border without the need of any new law to be passed,” Abbott said, adding: “Despite the fact that I handed him, altogether eight different letters, he has refused to ever respond.”

He also confirmed that at least ten states have sent their National Guards or other law enforcement to aid in Texas’ efforts to secure the border, noting: “This is a fight for the future of America and they all know it… And so I believe that they will all be in on this effort.”